The Penn Township Park


"We Work So You Can Play!

The park currently has two softball fields (200 feet to 250 feet down the lines), basketball courts, volleyball court, playground, pavilion (with eleven tables), half mile bird watch trail, flower garden, and several vantage points.  The community utilizes the park for softball, baseball, soccer practice, basketball, volleyball and more.  We encourage you to come up to the Penn Township Park and enjoy the view and all the fun!


Five miles of the world famous Appalachian Trail passes through Penn Township along the northern ridge of Cove Mountain just north of State Game Land #170.  Notable points of interest are Hawk Rock Overlook and the Cove Mountain Shelter.

The Penn Township section of the Appalachian Trail (A.T.) starts south of Duncannon Borough where South Market and East Main streets meet by the Route 11/15 overpass.  It continues south along Main Street, over the Shermans Creek bridge, along Inn Road and then turns right (west) heading up the end of Cove Mountain.  Popular parking locations are near the end of Inn Road by Tubby's Night Club and near the end of Watershed Drive by the Recycling Center.

Penn Township Map  Appalachian_Trail.pdf

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                         2018 Duncannon Area Community Garden

The Duncannon Area Community Garden began in 2011 with an annual cooperative agreement between Mutzabaugh's Family Market and the Penn Township Park and Recreation Board.  The Community Garden area is located in the field "catty-corner" to Rite Aid & Mutzy's Gas Station.  Mutzabaugh's, local farmers, businesses, and individuals have graciously helped each year to prepare the ground and garden plot areas.  Garden plots are free, but limited in number, and must be cleared out by the end of the growing season.  Gardeners provide their own tools, seeds, and/or plants.  Organic methods and techniques of gardening are preferred.  If you are interested in working a garden plot this year, or for more information, please contact the Garden Coordinator, John Sproch at (717) 350-4431, or through the Penn Township office (717) 834-5281.