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In 1840, Penn Township was created with the boundaries as they exist today and became the 14th Township of Perry County (Click Here to learn about our history).  Today over 3000 people live within Penn Township's 21.4 sq. miles of beautiful wooded areas, fields, and mountains.  In October of 2000 Penn Township created PennTownship.net which has grown into a community portal to keep everyone up to date with meetings & events, provide easy access to forms & documents, and attract individuals & businesses into the community.


Township Announcements
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Duncannon Borough is requesting all residents and businesses to conserve energy with record temperatures being forecasted starting tonight through Saturday morning.  If you experience electric outages or diminishing power, water loss; please  notify the Borough immediately.

Senior Lunch - Friday, February 20, 2015 11 am until 1 pm.   Dinner is Hot Dogs/Hot Sausage with chips and jello for desert.

Planning Commission is looking for someone to fill a vacant positon on their Board.  Please submit a letter of interest introducing yourself and any experience you may have by March 6, 2015 to Penn Township Planning Commission, 100 Municipal Building Road, Duncannon
Penn Township is looking for residents interested in  Economic Growth to form a Committe.  Call the Township at 717-834-5281 if you are interested.
DROP OFF OF BRANCHES HAS COMMENCED.   Call the Township Office for permission.  We need your name and address.  (717) 834-5281
Act 32 Tax Changes:? Act 32 -Local Earned Income Tax Withholding Reform Becomes Effective Statewide January 1, 2012 Each business that employs individuals at worksites in PA, including those who work from home, is required to withhold the applicable local earned income tax from employees' wages and remit the tax to the appropriate tax officer. Under Act 32, employers are required to withhold the higher of the employee's resident earned income tax amount (where they reside) vs. the employee's municipal non-resident earned income tax amount (where they work). Employers are required to obtain information on a Residency Certification Form for every new employee and any employee who has had a change of address. The Township's PSD # is 500305, The earned income tax rate is 1.8%, and the collecting agency is Capital Tax Collection Bureau.

Township Provides Chipping Service!  CHIPPING HAS STOPPED UNTIL AFTER OCTOBER.   The Township will chip small tree limbs (less than 6 inch diameter) and shrubs for Township residents at the Township garage (Please note that bamboo and leaves are not accepted). Please call during business hours prior to drop-off.  Township residents are also welcome to free mulch created from the chipping.  For more information give us a call at (717) 834-5281.   At no time will Penn Township allow the dumping of wood chips.

The Township Recycling Center is Open the 2nd Saturday from 8:00 am - 11:00 am- Accepting Cardboard, Newspaper, Tin, Aluminum, Plastic, Glass *restrictions apply. 

Burning Notice: The only items permitted to be burned are wood products, for example  tree limbs, grass clippings, and leaves.  If you burn anything else, you can and will be fined.  If you are doing a controlled burn (brush) call the County Dispatch at 717-582-4311 to notify them of the burn.

The Township provides Notary Service!  Call the Twp. office at (717) 834-5281 to schedule an appointment.

Click Here to download the Humane_Society_Changes document to read about all the latest changes for the 2012 contract.

Click HERE to download the Snow_Emergency_Levels document to learn about the snow emergency levels and what each level means.

Click HERE to download the ACT_44 document to review the annual disclosure of certain information by every Contractor...

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Duncannon Fire Company Events

Help us find you in an emergency! PLEASE CLEARLY mark your address. Your address should be marked in 3" numbers that are a contrasting color to the background. If you choose, you can purchase address markers from the Duncannon Fire Company.

Snow Season is coming. Please shovel out any fire hydrants or storm drains near your property and make sure any appliance vents around your home are free of snow.

Room and Park/Pavilion Rental Requests

Forms to request rental of either rooms or park facilities are available on the Forms and Documents page, and must be submitted (with fee if applicable) prior to use.


Perry County Crime Stoppers

The PCCS is now online!  Submit a tip anonymously online or over the phone.  You may be eligible for a reward of up to $2000.00!